Megumanuma Lake

Meguma Lake

Megumanuma Lake and its surrounding wetland is 10 munite walk from Wakkanai Ariport, and here is a recommend biridng site when you have enough time up to your flight. Geese and ducks sometimes stop over the lake, but the number is not a lot. The westside of the lake is the high wetland located in northernmost of Japan. The boardwalk is a birding site. In May, Siberian Stonechat, Chestnut-eared Bunting and Reed Bunting, and in June Black-browed Reed Bunting, come. Sales point here is Yellow Wagtails, which inhabit only in coastal area of Dohoku and Okhotsk region. Though you may watch them very closely, you should avoid wathcing them for a long time because there maybe nests nearby.

Birds in Megumanua Lake

Species Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep.
Japanese Bush Warbler
Black-browed reed Warbler
Siberian Stonechat
Yellow Wagtail
Oriental Greenfinch
Chestnut-eared bunting
Black-faced bunting
Reed bunting

Access to Megumanuma Lake

25minutes by car from Wakkana Station
Wakkainai Sightseeing Association