Access to KitaSoya

By Airplane

  • Shin-Chitose to Wakkanai 55 minutes ANA 2 times a day
  • Haneda to Wakkanai 115 minutes ANA 1 time a day (2 times in summmer)
  • Haneda to Asahikawa 95 minutes ANA, JAL and AIRDO 7 times a day
  • Okadama to Rishiri 55 minutes HAC 1 times a day
  • Shin-Chitose to Rishiri 50 minutes HAC 1 times a day(Seasonal operation)

By Train

  • Sapporo to Wakkanai 5hr to 5hr 20 minutes, 3 times a day
  • Asahikawa to Wakkanai 3hr 40minutes, 3 times a day

By Bus

  • Sapporo to Wakkanai 5hr to 5hr 50 minutes, 6 times a day (Soya Bus)
  • Sapporo to Esashi 5hr, 1 time a day (Soya Bus)
  • Sapporo to Horonobe 4hr 50minutes and Toyotoi 5hour 10minutes, 4 times a day (Engan Bus)
  • Wakkanai to Sarufutsu 1hr 50minutes and Hamatonbetsu 2hr 30minutes, 6 times a day (Soya Bus)

By Car

  • From Sapporo to Rumoi by Do-O and Fukagawa-Rumoi Highway via Fukagawa Junction. From Rumoi to Tesiho by Route 232 and from Teshio to Wakkainai by Do-do 106.
  • From Asahikawa to Wakkanai, get off Do-O highway at Shibetsu-Kenbuchi Interchange and go to Route 40.

By Ferry

  • Wakkanai ⇔ Oshidomari (about 1 hour 40 minutes) Heartland Ferry
  • Wakkanai ⇔ Kafuka (about 1 hour 55 minutes) Heartland Ferry
  • Oshidomari ⇔ Kafuka (about 40 minutes) Heartland Ferry
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