Cape Soya and Soya Hill

Cape Soya and Soya Hill

Diving ducks such as Harlequin Ducks, Black Scoter and Greater Scaup emerge in Soya and surrounding ports in November to May. You may see White-winged Scoter. From December to March, you may find seabirds such as Common Murre, Thick-billed Murre and Black-throated Diver in the ports. However, sometimes the water is frozen, and floating ices flow into the ports. At Soya Hill, you may see Snow Bunting from November to March. In November and March, you may watch the migration of White-tailed Eagle and Stealler’s Sea-eagle at Cape Soya and Soya Hill.

Birds in Cape Soya and Soya Hill

Species Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov.
White-tailed eagle
Steller's sea eagle

Access to Cape Soya and Soya Hill

40minutes by car from Wakkana Station