Horonobe Visitor Center

Horonobe Visitor Center

There is a 3km board walk from Horonobe Visitor Center to Pankenuma Lake. For birding, the boardwalk betweeen Horonobe Visitor Center and Naganuma Lake is recommend. You can watch Yellow Wagtail, Siberian Stonechat, Reed Bunting and Siberian Rubythroat in May. You can listen to Northern Wryneck and Common Cuckoo voices from woodland. In June, you can listen to Gray’s grasshopper Warbler and Middendorff’s grasshopper warbler voices, and Lanceolated Warbler voices early in the morning. Occasionally, Eastern Marsh Harrier emerge for hunting. After you pass Naganuma Lake side, Sasa bamboo and Reed grassland are predominant, where Japanese Bush Warbler, Black-browed reed-warbler, and Reed Bunting inhabit.

Birds in Horonobe Visitor Center

Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct.
 Oriental Turtle Dove
 Oriental Cuckoo
 Common Cuckoo
 Latham's Snipe
 White-tailed Eagle
 Eastern Marsh Harrier
 Eastern Buzzard
 Japanese Bush Warbler
 Eastern crowned willow warbler
 Lanceolated Warbler
 Gray's grasshopper warbler
 Black-browed reed-warbler
 Siberian Rubythroat
 Siberian Stonechat
 Yellow Wagtail
 Oriental Greenfinch
 Long-tailed Rosefinch
 Chestnut-eared bunting
 Black-faced bunting
 Reed Bunting

Access to Horonobe Visitor Center

25 minutes by car from Horonobe Station
Horonobe Town